Rob walters rd 500 gto 01
Rob walters rd 500 gto 02
Rob walters rd 500 gto 03
Rob walters rd 500 gto 04
Rob walters tank t01 front
Rob walters t01 optics
Rob walters t01 04
Rob walters t01 03
Rob walters t01 sketches
Rob walters nick foreman t01 01

Collaboration with Nick Foreman - https://www.artstation.com/artist/kilo_three
Make sure to check out Nick's work as he is an awesome concept artist and mate with a badass work ethic that's going to see him go far. One of the nicest guys I've met and definitely helps keep me going with this art business!

The aim was for us to design a Recon Tank, Fast and aggressive.

I took Nick's already awesome 2D design, built it in 3D and added to it where I could, done in our spare time for fun.

More 3D Renders/Paintovers etc to follow.
Thanks to Gareth Sanger for help with the type!

November 20, 2015