Futuro Roma Soldier Asset 1

Rob walters asset1

On conception of my 'Futuro Roma' personal project, a futuristic alternative timeline view of a roman empire I definitely face a few hurdles when creating the scenes that I want to create, 1 of these hurdles would be characters, an empty rome would be a terrible but I'm not and never will be a character designer!
My initial idea was to use Daz but I stumbled across the great work that Ten24 are doing with 3d scans so I purchase a couple of soldier packs which I can easily adapt and manipulate that scan data to include soldiers in my scene, this is my first attempt on creating a kitbash asset from one of their scans. This involved taking the scan, re-texturing the model, building shaders, lighting and rendering out the model before changing the face, adding tattoos etc in photoshop.
Now that I have got my head around the process I will be able to quickly and easily create more soldiers for my scene and enjoy myself while doing so!

August 30, 2016