Rob is a professional concept artist and 3D designer. Under the name ArtHackr, Rob works with clients to bring ideas to life. 

As a highly technical and unique artist Rob successfully utilises his passion for new tools, technologies and workflows, gained from working in many aspects of design, to problem solve and produce high quality ideas and visuals throughout the entire process.

As well as working with clients to best suit their needs Rob is always interested in collaborating with other artists and giving back to the artistic community.


After qualifying from Art College and University in London, Rob worked for studios as a Retoucher, Digital Artworker and Senior 3D artist before deciding to work for himself.
His clients have included  Puma, Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Sverdrup Steel, Asics, Vodafone and a variety of other design studios.

As a self-proclaimed “eternal student”, Rob is always experimenting with new software and technology in order to stay at the cutting edge of design processes. His curiosity and enthusiasm to seek what lies beyond the bounds of his current expertise ensures that he plays a significant role in creative industry.