KING – An unofficial tribute to the #PUMA King – SOUND ON!


Do you have what it takes to be the next KING?

Anyone who knows me well will know that my #football knowledge and passion sits firmly in the past, football history/heritage/#culture and tradition all resonate with me.

From Kevin Keegan’s Newcastle, 90’s Italian football, the Adidas Predator, Sondico shin pads, the PUMA King, Ronaldo, Pele, 1990 world cup coins, these all inspire a wealth of excitement in me, some of which carries forward to football today.

So when the new PUMA King boot came out, still a King albeit infused with new #tech I was inspired to think, what is it that makes a King, which then led onto this #Unofficial PUMA King tribute video that I created outside of work hours over the last month.

A luxurious dive into what being a King means to me, It’s a bit of fun, inspired by many different visuals across #film and football. A chance to stretch my legs creatively.

I wanted to celebrate the history of the old king’s that wore the PUMA King like #Pele, Cruyff, #Maradona and the new kings like Xhaka and Zinchenko, I hope it’s as enjoyable to watch as it was to make.

Are you the next King? (or Queen)